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Many people quietly suffer stress from recent or past events.
My neurofeedback, biofeedback, and hypnosis can help reduce or eliminate that stress.
Now offering Infra-Slow, a powerful new technique. 
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Client Testimonials

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  1. 9/2/20169/1/2016 Dr. John provides a warm, intuitive, safe, gentle therapeutic experience. His skillful balance of the art and science of psychological interventions provides a great foundation within which a person can explore growth and better understand their internal processes. 5 stars. - Review by Amber S. from Summerland
    Dr. Amber
  2. 9/5/2016 The circumstances, which brought me to Dr. John Galaska, were very diverse (physical, emotional trauma) which had reached an emotional critical mass. I had exhausted the allopathic model . Desperate for guidance the only option was to get in touch with Bessel van der Kolk a psychiatric neurobiologist in Massachusetts who had authored a book that spoke directly to past and present trauma and I had all the symptoms. After a brief conversation with van der Kolk he said you must find someone who works in biofeedback immediately. You must calm down. In this condition you cannot make any progress. Your nervous system is completely disregulated. Immediately I flipped open the Ojai phone book and found Dr. John Galaska. Called made an appointment. A wonderful relationship was born. (Continued in next post.)
    Linda C.
  3. 9/1/2016 I have been working with John R Galaska now for about 3 months over the telephone. He has been a breath of fresh air in the murky world of mental health care. I highly recommend you make a phone call and chat with him about your or any of your family's mental health issues and care. There is hope and John provides it.
    Mike S.
  4. 8/31/2016 "Dr. Galaska has made presentations to my college classes on a variety of topics(neurofeedback, meditation, hypnosis). He is a phenomenal speaker and relates well to students. He is very informed and intelligently communicates topics well, with demonstrations that allow for the experiential impact. He has a genuinely warm and caring demeanor that wins over audiences. I would rate him at the top of over 100 presenters that I have ever had in my classes during the past 20 years. A+++++" Dr. Bob Pugh
    Dr. Bob Pugh
  5. Dr Galaska is an extremely gifted psychotherapist. His innate ability to hone in on your issues is astounding and his gentle, insightful but scientific approach is revelatory and welcome. His sincerity and desire to help is so inspiring and infectious that I find myself thinking about him and our session and I follow through on his suggestions with great results. I encourage all to see him with issues large and small because he is an effective practitioner and a wonderful human being. Rosie Ross
    Rosie Ross
  6. Dr John has the soul of a healer and the mind of a scientist. His compassion and wisdom are apparent in the level of work that he does, bringing progressive thinking into alignment with deep, intuitive understanding. Dr John has a way of connecting you with your inner self through guided hypnosis. I have experienced incredible calm in this process, and have found that when I am in this state, my creative mind functions at a higher level. I used to believe that I had to work myself up in order to get things done, or make changes. I now recognize the importance of being "calm" as the springboard for my best ideas! I highly recommend!! Tracy T
    Tracy T.
  7. John has a natural therapeutic touch and is enjoyable and pleasant to work with. He has a theoretical understanding of the human mind and warm and intuitive sense of working with people. We worked with neuro-feedback and I found the experiences fascinating. I was very pleased with the results. John helped me to relax and focus. Thanks John. Ray Sullivan
    Ray Sullivan
  8. I have found John to be an earnest and empathic colleague, and I am sure that his students are most fortunate to have him as a professor! His field of interest is indeed cutting edge, and fascinating, with much to offer the art and science of psychotherapy. Katherine Hamilton
    Katherine Hamilton
  9. (Continued from previous.) ...The work that we have been doing has been primarily based on biofeedback, neurobiology and heart math. The study of how the brain manages input and depending on the timing and nature of the feeling one has is dependent on ones development from infancy on. This new model of treatment is based on the ability to actually see brain waves. Empirical data. I have found the results very helpful because he is also a teacher by profession and therefore very cogent in his ability to explain what is happening. The use of biofeedback is geared to reward the brain with positive conditioning resulting in very deep state of relaxation…and this is the point at which I am now able to viscerally know what is happening and why. This awareness is enormous because I am beginning to take control over aspects of my life for the first time. I am grateful and fortunate to have found Dr. Galaska. Linda C
    Linda C. continued